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Feat of priest by Ferrabra Feat of priest by Ferrabra
The priest of the 11th East Siberian Rifle Regiment, Father Stephen Scherbakovsky made a feat April 18, 1904. In the battle of Tyurenchen, the Yalu River, on the southern part of the border between Korea and China, the priest blessed the soldiers and the singing of "Christ is risen," went on the attack, led the flag company, which lost commander. Contemporaries called Father Stefan feat "miracle of courage and serenity."
On that day the battalions of the 11th East Siberian Rifle Regiment were in the center of battle. The Japanese opened heavy artillery fire and began to bypass the left flank of the regiment. Battalions to break several times threw a hostile reception to the sound of the regimental march, and the anthem "God Save the Tsar", executable regimental band under fire. But the Japanese did not take a bayonet attack. Then Father Stephen blessed soldiers and went ahead with the fighting flag raised in his cross. Breaking through the Japanese line of soldiers with battalions, this intrepid pastor was wounded by two bullets, soon lost consciousness and was brought to the dressing station by dint of churchman Joseph Perch. Only such courage pastor and soldiers of 11th Regiment gave them the opportunity to break through the Japanese.
Father Stephan was awarded for this feat Officer Cross of St. George. So 29-year-old priest was the first priest to be awarded the George Cross in the Russian-Japanese war, and only the fifth Knight of St. George of the clergy, in the history of the Military Order. Later, father Stephen was a military chaplain during World War I. During the fighting 30 July 1914 in the village of Vabbeln and August 6, 1914 at the village of Caus father Stephen was awarded the Order of St. Vladimir 3rd degree with swords and fighting for the September 24 presented to the Order of St. Anne 1st degree.

Stephen's father died in 1918, in the dungeons of the Odessa Cheka, he was executed by sentence of the Bolsheviks.

In deviation used the drawing by Nikolai Samokish (early 20th century).

Here you can watch video of the heroism of his father Stephen (in Russian) - [link]
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